Spearo Long Blade Spearfishing Fins

The Spearo Long Blade Fin offers great functionality, practicality and value. Making it perfect for those who are just new to diving. Made from a single-piece integrated construction with a rubber footpocket and plastic polymer blade, which make them comfortable, durable and less resistant to abrasion.

Designed with a softened blade and vertical channels to flow water down the blade and off the tip, limits stress on the legs, allowing for efficiency when kicking. These two-tone fins not only look great, but match perfectly with your Spearo wettie and accessories.


Spearo Long Blade Fins Features:

  • Moulded rubber foot pocket
  • Single-piece construction
  • Progressively Softened blade
  • Multiple channels along the blade
  • 88cm length - blade and footpocket (based on size 40-41)