Spearo Seapup 5L Hard Float With Flag

The Spearo Seapup 5L Hard Float With Flag is your faithful companion that follows you everywhere. Made with high density EVA foam, its design is compact and durable making it ideal for shore diving. The Seapup might be small in size, bit its big on safety, designed in hi-vis yellow complete with an alpha dive flag, alerts nearby boaties and divers where you are. Spearo recommends that you wash with fresh water immediately after use and dry before storing in a shaded, well ventilated area.

Spearo Seapup 5L Hard Float With Flag Features:

  • Material: high density, hi-vis EVA Foam
  • Flag: clip on alpha dive flag
  • Ballasted: to ensure the float remains upright
  • Clips: uses an integrated shark clip
  • Volume: 5L
  • Size: 34x14x14cm